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Ferrite Barrier Power Cables Suit All In One Installs

Ferrite Barrier Power Cables Suit All In One Installs

Viable for all-in-one cable installations, the SIMRTA power cables feature patented, ferrite-barrier technology that allows them to be distributed and installed in the same conduit or in parallel locations with low-voltage audio, video, or network cables. Allegedly, traditional power cables require a separate run to create distance between the low-voltage cabling and AC power cabling, often times through multiple conduit runs, which add cost and labor to the installation.  To eliminate the need for separate runs, the conductors in SIMTRA power cables are surrounded by a patented ferrite compound that provides a barrier within the cable to attenuate surges and transients, virtually eliminating interference to the adjacent low-voltage cabling. They are available in TC or NM-B UL-rated versions for permanent installation in a variety of applications and conform with NEC article sections 725.136, 760.136, 770.133, 800.133, 800.179, 820.133, & 830.133.  They also are available with three, four, five, or six THHN/THWN conductors at 16 AWG to 6 AWG in a UL-rated, flame-retardant, orange PVC jacket. General Cable, Highland Heights, KY. (859) 572-8000.


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