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Liquid Dispenser Promises Accuracy And Ease Of Use

The Autobonder 2101, a tabletop dispenser for low-volume production and repair operations, sports a new design that is smaller, lighter, and features fewer parts than previous versions. It is capable of dispensing a variety of liquids from thin to thick viscosity that includes anaerobics, cyanoacrylates, silicones, and epoxies. The unit can also dispense diverse liquids such as oils, greases, solder fluxes, or paste lubricants. Other features include a grounded foot pedal, syringe holder that allows hands-free operation, disposable syringe supporting a wide range of needle sizes, integrated pressure gauge and pressure regulator, variable vacuum control, and a six-function digital timer that is adjustable from 10 ms to 9,999 hrs. HERNON MANUFACTURING, Sanford, FL. (800) 527-0004.


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