How Nutanix Reduced BOM Errors to Absolute Zero

How Nutanix Reduced BOM Errors to Absolute Zero

For Nutanix, change management and data sharing among partners had become problematic. With multiple revisions of the same BOM circulated among the company, confusion and error were wreaking havoc. They quickly needed to get rid of Excel spreadsheets and implement a BOM solution. BOM software enables an OEM’s engineering, operations and extended supply chain teams to reduce scrap and ECO cycle times, accelerate time to market and streamline supply chain management.

Discover from David Sangster, SVP of Operations on how Nutanix used Arena’s patented cloud-based PLM solution to corral change management processes.

• Improved Cost Structure with centralized Bill of Materials (BOM)

• Enhanced Supplier Collaboration to reduce error prone supplies

• Reduced ECO Cycle Times with automated routing and status updates of changes

• Increased Efficiency due to having BOMs in just one system