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Energy-Saving UV LED Doubles Standard Power Output

Energy-Saving UV LED Doubles Standard Power Output

The TitanBrite 2-W ultraviolet LED saves up to 70% in terms of energy and up to 90% in space compared to alternative technologies, according to developer Lumex. The 405-nm wavelength (purple) device, with a high-intensity light of 18 lumens, offers two times the power output of standard high-power LEDs. Specifically, the TitanBrite (SML-LXL8047UVC series) consumes 50% and 70% less energy than compact fluorescent lamps (CCFLs) and UV filament lamps, respectively. It comes in a 8-mm round top dome, surface-mount package and features a 100° viewing angle. The surface-mount design contributes to the 30%, 50%, or 90% space savings over through-hole UV LEDs, UV filament lamps, and CCFLs. Applications include medical (e.g., tissue improvement, thermal abrasion, dental), security (e.g., forensics, currency verification), water (e.g., water treatment facilities, aquariums), and food processing (e.g., equipment sterilization, nucleic acid destruction).


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