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Power Relays Ensure User Safety

Designed with the safety of both user and equipment in mind, the SafeT2 electromechanical safety relays come in eight different families and incorporate force-guided contact sets that fail in a predicted mode. The multipole relays are rugged, handle up to 10A, and offer high dielectric strength. Maximum switching voltage is rated at 230/240 Vac and 300 Vdc. The relays can be used in monitoring devices, emergency stop modules, safety door controls, two-hand control systems, sensor-output units, rotation control, down-time monitoring, and light barriers and curtains. Four of the relay families, the GE, GF, GG and GH, differ from conventional relays by their fault-tolerant operation. In the case of a contact weld, all remaining poles automatically open up. With a maximum height of 15.5 mm, they maintain a 0.5 mm minimum contact gap between contacts of equal length, even in the event of non-contact openings such as a contact weld. Pricing is from $18.50 to $45 each/500.


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