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SMT Fixed Inductors Serve As EL Inverter Choke Coils

The D32FU Series surface-mount fixed inductors are low-profile, unshielded units designed for use as an electroluminescent (EL) inverter IC choke coil. They’re available in inductance values from 0.33 to 3.3 mH. Their footprint is 3.3 mm x 3.3 mm with height of just 2.2 mm maximum. The units’ inductance range in so small a form factor makes them suited for EL backlighting applications in portable equipment, including cell phones, pagers, PDAs, handheld test equipment, and chronographs.An example of the inductors’ specifications is model 887FU-331M, which is a 0.33-mH unit (±20) with dc resistance of 9.7 ohms maximum. Inductance decrease current is 109 mA maximum and temperature rise current is 111 mA maximum. Frequency range for these devices is 10 kHz to 1 MHz.The inductors are packaged on tape-and-reel for automatic insertion assembly in quantities of 2000.


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