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FeRAM Breaks Bandwidth And Density Records

Resetting industry benchmarks for density and operating speed, the company’s non-volatile ferroelectric random access memory (FeRAM) prototype achieves a storage density of 128 Mb and read/write speeds of 1.6 GB/s. The device modifies the company's original chain FeRAM architecture, which prevents cell signal degradation, a common tradeoff from chip scaling. The combination realizes an up-scaled FeRAM with a density of 128 Mb. Furthermore, a unique circuit that predicts and controls power-supply fluctuations allows the integration of a DDR2 interface to maximize data transfers at a high throughput at a lower power consumption. Specifications include a 130-nm CMOS process, cell size of 0.252 µm x 0.252 ?m, cycle time of 83 ns, access time of 43 ns, and a power supply of 1.8V. TOSHIBA AMERICA ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS INC., San Jose, CA. (408) 526-2400.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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