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MCU Keeps IEEE 1588 Clocks On Time

For IEEE1588 clock synchronization, the IM3240 microcontroller (MCU) promises synchronized time to nanosecond accuracy in distributed systems. IEEE 1588, the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) entering its second revision in March, is now finding its way into a variety of applications. For each application there is a need for a timekeeper at the large GrandMaster (GM) clock. The IM3240 leverages the accuracy of a Global Positioning System (GPS) and its reported ability to provide precise time. Features include the ability to analyze and act on gate level in real-time and the ability to sustain almost 20 Mb/s of IP dataflow while running the IEEE 1588 protocol. For application design, the DK4-3240 development kit provides all the necessary hardware and software. Connecting to a GPS receiver with a pulse-per-second signal, it allegedly prototypes a PTP GrandMaster in very little time. Available in a BGA 180 package by the second quarter, price for the IM3240-BA10 MCU is $25 each/1,000 and the IM3240-P40 OEM kit with 32 MB of DRAM, 8 MB of flash, and an oven-controlled oscillator costs $195 each/1,000. IMSYS TECHNOLOGIES USA, Terrell, TX. (877) 775-1627.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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