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DC Test Sources Emulate Behavior Of Batteries

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Accurate, flexible emulation of batteries is said to be provided by the latest additions to the company's family of mobile communications dc sources, with each of the new sources designed to behave like an actual battery to allow testing of digital wireless devices. The new dc sources offer output resistance programming that is said to enable mobile phone manufacturers to quickly and accurately simulate the internal resistance of batteries or battery packs. And by employing the source's precise voltage regulation capability, the additional voltage drop in the wiring from the test fixture to the wireless device's battery contacts can be compensated for.
The dc sources are also said to offer superior output stability and extremely low transient voltage drop. In addition, they include a third current measurement range for testing in the area of 1A.
These new capabilities are designed to provide precise voltage regulation and precision measurements where the wireless device connects to the battery. And the wireless dc power test units are also said to offer excellent output stability whether short load leads (i.e., The dc test sources (namely, Models 66321B and D and 66319B and D) range from $2,295 to $3,095 in price. And 14565A Device Characterization software is available for $298.

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