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Switch Connector Goes Mobile

The low-cost and dual function TWD switch connector serves as the primary RF connection in car kits and other mobile applications. It also functions as a manufacturing test point, where it simplifies tuning and other adjustments in the manufacturing process and has a low enough cost that the TWD switch can be left in the circuit after testing/tuning is complete. The TWD switch connector product is part of a comprehensive system that includes several parts. The MM6430-2600 is the actual TWD switch connector; MM126050 is the test probe for mass production and is utilized when the switch is used as a test point; MXGM76RD1000 test probe is for lab use offering a locking mechanism that allows it to grab the TWD switch; and MXRA53ZP4000 Car Kit Jack mounts in the car base unit and stays in the car. The MM6340-2600 costs $0.90 each ($0.43 effective Jan. 2001) and the PN: MXRA53ZP4000 costs $33 each.

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