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Technology Forecast 2012: Distribution

Technology Forecast 2012: Distribution

Is it business as usual for Distributors in 2012? Contributing editor Victoria Kickham gives her take on the coming year’s outlook. Victoria also speculates on the market for smart phones and tablets and their continuing ability to drive growth in 2012.


Distributors Hope For Business As Usual In 2012

Japan’s earthquake and tsunami had some distributors characterizing 2011 as a strange year and predicting a return to more normal seasonality in 2012...

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Smart Phones And Tablets Still Drive Growth

As 2011 came to a close, industry watchers were predicting strong growth in the mobile communications device market, continuing a trend they expect to last through 2015...

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Distribution Can Help The U.K. Remain A Design Powerhouse

Distributors agree that continued investment in face-to-face interaction is still very important and that technical training to a high standard is required...

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