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3D DVD Format Standardized

The Sensio 3D format has been officially accepted as an optional DVD standard, according to Sensio Technologies, Inc. This status, similar to DTS for audio, means that manufacturers wishing to integrate the format in their equipment will have to do so in accordance with globally recognized specific standards and directives, according to the company.

The process to add a 3D video specification to DVD was launched last year. Several companies submitted their technology to the standardization process in response to an appeal. At the end of the assessment period, the only format that satisfied the criteria set out and to be kept and included in the DVD standard was Sensio 3D, the company said.

“After 10 years of investment, development, and commitment, we are extremely happy to be rewarded in this way, and that our format has been recognized by a standards organization,” said Nicholas Routhier, president and CEO of Sensio. “Our technology has reached the necessary level of maturity to become a standard, and its quality, reliability and robustness have been assessed and certified by a recognized global organization. We are confident that this certification will have a positive impact on manufacturers, and that it will enable us to facilitate and accelerate the integration of our technology into products for the consumer market.”


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