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Cap Excels At High-Frequency Attenuation

The KGM series of three-termination capacitors is said to be ideal for noise filter applications in dc power lines. The capacitors feature a low ESL (Equivalent Shunt Inductance), which allows them to perform a large attenuation at high frequencies. The series is available in sizes 0805, 1206 and 1812 in single- or multi-layer designs. Voltages include 25V, 35V and 50V in currents of 2A or 4A, dependent upon the size selected. Capacitance ranges in value from 22 pF to 0.1 mF. Plated terminals are said to provide excellent solder resistance. Suitable for both wave and reflow soldering, the series is packaged in 7" embossed taping. The capacitors are utilized in telecommunications, computer, consumer electronics,industrial and automotive industries. KOA SPEER ELECTRONICS INC., Bradford, PA. (814) 362-5536, ext. 266.


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