1.5-A Motor Driver Enhances Sinusoidal-Drive Performance

1.5-A Motor Driver Enhances Sinusoidal-Drive Performance

The MCP8063 AEC-Q100-qualified motor driver delivers 1.5-A peak phase current for the 180° sinusoidal drive of three-phase brushless dc motor and fan applications.

Microchip’s motor driver works standalone or in conjunction with the company’s PIC microcontrollers and dsPIC digital signal controllers.  Thus, it suits applications ranging from simple voltage control to closed-loop motor speed control using high-performance algorithms, such as sinusoidal sensorless drive.

High sinusoidal-drive performance leads to higher efficiency, low acoustic noise, and low mechanical vibration, promoting energy savings and quiet operation.  In addition, the MCP8063 includes safety features such as thermal shutdown, overcurrent limiting, and lock-up protection. Packaging is an 8-pin, 4- by 4-mm DFN. 


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