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45-V-Input LDO Features Ultra-Low Noise, Robust Reverse Protection

45-V-Input LDO Features Ultra-Low Noise, Robust Reverse Protection

Linear Tech’s LT3062 low-dropout voltage linear regulator (LDO) delivers up to 200-mA continuous output current with a 300-mV dropout voltage at full load. Input voltage ranges from 1.6 to 45 V, while adjustable output voltage ranges from 0.6 to 40 V. A single 3.3-µF ceramic output capacitor offers programmable noise operation of a mere 30 µVRMS across a 10 Hz to 100 kHz bandwidth, as well as reference soft-start functionality to prevent output-voltage overshoot at turn-on. Output-voltage tolerance accuracy is ±2% over line, load, and temperature. Quiescent current is 40 µA during operation and less than 1 µA in shutdown. Internal protection circuitry includes reverse battery, reverse output, reverse current, current limit with foldback, and thermal limiting. Packaging options are 8-lead, 2- by 3-mm DFNs and MSOPs.


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