864-W Quarter-Brick Leverages Hybrid Regulated Topology

The PKM4817NH-PIHS module is the second entry into Ericsson Power Modules’ high-power PKM-NH platform. It delivers up to 864 W with a power density of 35.6 W/cm3. To pack such power into a 57.9- by 36.8- by 14.3-mm quarter-brick, the company deployed its Hybrid Regulated Ratio (HRR). It combines two power-control methods: voltage regulation and ratio regulation. The merging of the two helps boost performance across 40- to 60-V input voltage ranges. The new module delivers 8.6- to 10.8-V output at a maximum output current of 80 A. Typical efficiency is 87% at 50% load, and flat-curve characteristics range from 20 to 60 A. Two extra pins on the module decrease power losses and help guarantee optimal current distribution. A machine-tooled baseplate assures excellent thermal conduction and cooling performance. Its 2250-V I/O isolation meets functional isolation requirements. Among other features are input overvoltage suppression, soft-start to handle high-capacitance loads, delayed hiccup overcurrent protection, overtemperature protection, and overvoltage and undervoltage lockout.


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