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CMOS Switch Family Gets SPST And SPDT Members

Expanding its CMOS switch family, the company has introduced new devices consisting of a pair of SPST switches--the ADG741 and ADG742--and a SPDT switch--the ADG749. With a logic input of one, the ADG741 is closed, while the ADG742 is open. All three are designed to operate at supply voltages as low as 1.8V and consume less than 10 µW. With a typical on-resistance of 2 ohms and fast switching times of from12 to14 ns, the low-resistance, low-voltage switches are said to be ideal for data acquisition systems, communication systems, audio and video switching, and automatic test equipment applications. The ADG7xx family is built using a sub-micron CMOS process. Depending on the model, the devices are characterized by single and dual supply voltages from1.8V to 5.5V and -3-dB bandwidths up to 240 MHz. In addition to the new SPST and SPDT switches, the family includes 16:1, 8:1, 4:1, dual 4:1, differential 8:1 and 4:1 multiplexers, octal SPST switches, 8-channel/dual 4-channel matrix switches, quad SPST/SPDT switches, triple SPDT and dual SPST/SPDT switches. The ADG741 and ADG742 are priced at $0.65 each/1,000 and the ADG749 sells for $0.70 each/1,000. All devices in the CMOS switch family come in six-lead SC-70 packages.


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