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Diode And FET Keep Company On Same Die

Integration has now come to Schottkys and FETs with the recent announcement of a monolithic device that melds together on the same die a Schottky barrier diode and a DMOS PowerTrench MOSFET. Called a SyncFET, the new device integrates the Schottky directly into the silicon, allowing the entire package area to be used for the FET. This is said to result in a performance improvement of nearly 50% over typical multi-die solutions. There also are real estate and cost savings, as well as reduced EMI/RFI.
Two SyncFET products are currently available: the FDS6680S, an 8.5-milliohm PowerTrench SyncFET in an SO-8 package that is designed to replace a single SO-8 MOSFET and Schottky diode in synchronous dc/dc power supplies; and the FDS698F2S, which combines a 12-milliohm low-side SyncFET and a 21-milliohm low-gate-charge, high-side FET in a SO-8 package that offers a single package power solution for dc/dc converters rated up to 7A. The former device costs $0.80 each/10,000 and the latter, $1.05.


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