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Dual-Output DC-DC Controller Operates With 0.25-mΩ Inductors

Dual-Output DC-DC Controller Operates With 0.25-mΩ Inductors

Featuring a serial digital interface, Linear Tech’s LTC3882 dual-output multiphase synchronous step-down dc-dc controller uses modulation voltage-mode control to boost transient response. It operates with low-dc-resistance (0.25 mΩ) inductors, which helps enhance efficiency and enable up to 40 A per output phase. Compatible power-train devices include DrMOS, power blocks, or discrete FET drivers and associated N-channel MOSFETs. With the digital interface, one can command and supervise a system’s power condition and consumption—digital changing of power-supply parameters eliminates physical-hardware, circuit, and other modifications. Configurability and telemetry-monitoring of power and power-management parameters is possible over PMBus. Thanks to a two-wire serial interface, outputs can be margined, tuned, and ramped up and down at programmable slew rates with sequenced delay times. Also, for LTC3882 evaluation, the LTpowerPlay GUI is available free for download. Packaging is a 6- by 6-mm QFN-40. Applications include optical transport, data/telecom switches and routers, industrial test equipment, robotics, and RAID and enterprise systems.


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