High-Power SiC Schottkys Reduce Diode Count In Megawatt Systems

High-Power SiC Schottkys Reduce Diode Count In Megawatt Systems

Developed to facilitate the direct matching of 50-A diodes to 50-A MOSFETs or IGBTs, Cree’s CPW5 silicon-carbide (SiC) Schottky diodes help reduce system complexity and cost by allowing the replacement of multiple low-voltage, low-current SiC Schottkys (or silicon PiN diodes) with a single CPW5 rectifier. Further cost savings can be realized thanks to lower maximum voltage ratings and the elimination of snubber circuitry due to diminished voltage overshoot during switching in silicon carbide. According to the company, the 50-A CPW5s enable a new generation of high-current Si/SiC IGBT modules: Hybrid Si/SiC IGBT modules are able to reduce switching losses up to 43% over conventional modules while reducing voltage- and current-overshoot, switching dead time, and cooling requirements. Peak forward surge resistance is greater than 500 A repetitive and 2000 A non-repetitive. The CPW5 family includes 1700-V/50-A, 1200-V/50-A, 650-V/50-A, and 650-V/30-A combinations. Applications range from solar/photovoltaic inverters, industrial power supplies, and induction heating to battery-charging stations, wind-turbine converters, and traction inverters.


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