MOSFETs Double Inrush Current Capability For PoE

MOSFETs Double Inrush Current Capability For PoE

Designed specifically for Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications, NXP’s latest NextPower Live MOSFET family provides twice the level of inrush current capability of existing MOSFETs, making them ideal for high-power (30 W and above) PoE architectures such as PoE+, UPoE, and LTPoE++. The PSMN040-100MSE and PSMN075-100MSE PoE MOSFETs have a safe operating area (SOA) that is twice as capable as existing parts, providing higher levels of protection and system reliability. The new PoE devices also offer very low RDS(ON) and come in LFPAK33 packages, which are footprint-compatible with similar devices.


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