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PWM DC/DC Controller Integrates High-Voltage FET

The MAX5003 high-voltage PWM dc/dc controller includes an internal 110-V start-up FET and pre-regulator circuitry that improves efficiency, reduces system cost, and allows for compact designs. The device is optimized to meet the demands of fixed telecomm and datacomm applications and is designed for use in an isolated or non-isolated flyback or forward-voltage-mode dc/dc converter. With an input-voltage range from 11 to 110v ±2.5%, the controller is capable of switching frequencies up to 300 kHz and can use low-value ceramic output capacitors. Features include current limit, oscillator frequency, maximum duty cycle, under-voltage lockout, and soft-start are programmable with a minimum number of external components. The MAX5003 is available in a 16-pin QSOP or a narrow SO package, with prices starting at $1.79 each/1000.


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