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Second-Source License Hopes To Spur Adoption Of New Power Architecture

In a non-exclusive agreement, power-supply vendor Vicor has licensed Celestica to manufacture and sell Vicor's V*I Chip product family. The ball-grid-array-style V*I Chips are building blocks for Vicor's factorized power architecture (FPA).

The agreement marks a change in strategy for Vicor, which in the past has chosen to sole-source its power-conversion technology. Compared to existing bricks and nonisolated point-of-load converters, the V*I chips and FPA have significantly better current and power density, efficiency, and transient response.

When it first introduced them in April, Vicor specified that the V*I chips (specifically, the voltage transformation modules, or VTMs) could deliver 200 W or 80 A at the point of load. Vicor has since revised those specifications to 240 W and 100 A, respectively.

For more details, see www.vicorpower.com.

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