Single-Width MicroTCA Power Module Generates 950 W

Single-Width MicroTCA Power Module Generates 950 W

The UTC020 power module, compliant to MicroTCA.0, delivers 950 W of dc power. VadaTech’s single-width (approximately 75 mm wide), full-size (6 HP) module runs at 95% efficiency at full load. Its dual −36 to −75 V dc input module supports redundancy and incorporates two banks of 256K flash. Onboard temperature sensors continuously measure each module and report any fault to the MicroTCA Carrier Hub (MCH). Front-panel LEDs indicate status for all Advanced Mezzanine Cards (12 slots) two MCHs, and two cooling units. Blue, amber, green, and red LEDs act as status indicators. The front panel also includes a serial port for diagnostics.


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