Embedded Database Management System Targets iOS Developers

One of the latest to join in Apple’s iOS software ecosystem is McObject and its eXtremeDB In-Memory Database System. With eXtremeDB, developers of applications for the iOS mobile platform, who typically write code in Objective-C, can move beyond the performance-limited SQL language used in most iOS data management. Its native API stores data in the same form used by the application (C/C++ data structures), thus eliminating conversion to SQL format for storage in SQL tables. As a result, it reduces processing cost and having to rely on an optimizer (which considers different ways to carry out a given command). A navigational native C/C++ API interface consists of C functions embedded in the code that work on the database one record at a time. The eXtremeDB system is based on a core in-memory database system (IMDS) architecture that delivers performance measured in microseconds. For greater durability, eXtremeDB Fusion technology lets developers specify persistent (on-disk) storage for selected record types. Support for the R-tree helps enhance mobile location-based software. Evaluation software is available for free download at www.mcobject.com/extremedb_eval_ios.


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