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Compact Digital RF Signal Generators Simplify Testing With Touchscreen

The 3410 series RF signal generators combine full digital, vector, and analog modulation in a 23-lb, 2U package. The devices also introduce the first touchscreen interface to digital RF signal generators. Available in three frequency ranges—from 250 kHz to 2, 3, and 4 GHz—the 3410 series can be used in testing and emulating a variety of systems, including wireless local-area networks and Bluetooth systems.

The units offer more than 30 different modulation combinations. The touchscreen interface can control all the advanced features required for digital and vector modulation, taking the complexity out of the configuration process. Wherever touch control is provided, an equivalent hard-key method is also available for operation in harsh working environments.

The signal generators provide ±0.5-dB RF-level accuracy and 0.01-dB resolution. With fast GPIB operation and a high-performance electronic attenuator, the 3410 series boasts rapid and reliable manufacturing test capability. Carrier frequency and RF level switching speeds measure less than 5 ms. With the input impedance set to 100 kÙ, the 1-dB bandwidth is 200 kHz.

Using the external IQ inputs, the 3410 series provides an RF modulation bandwidth up to 100 MHz. When used with an optional dual-channel arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) based on an interpolation filter design, the 3410 series can generate digitally modulated carriers with an RF modulation bandwidth of 45 MHz. The AWG can store a maximum of 22.5 Msamples and up to 180 files at any given time.

The 3410 series instantly switches back and forth between testing sets of GSM and CDMA phones without incurring any load time overhead for new files. The instrument is hardware-ready to support USB 1.1 interfaces. With a delivery time of six to eight weeks, pricing for models in the series starts at $16,800.

IFR Systems Inc., (800) 835-2352; www.ifrsys.com.

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