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Data Recorder Has 160-kHz Bandwidth, Variable-Speed Read Back Capabilty

Using advanced intelligent-tape (AIT) technology, the SIR-1000W features multichannel recording and playback of analog and digital data. It also can process digital video signals at 160 kHz. Playback and recording is possible from two to 32 hours with tape speeds that can be set in one of five ranges. Long recordings can be played back at 16 times the recording speed to shorten data reading or reproduction. Conversely, playbacks can be slowed down to a sixteenth of the recording speed to expand the data timebase.

Besides its regular analog channels, the instrument also is equipped with auxiliary channels that permit the simultaneous recording and playback of other types of data. These include an auxiliary digital channel for serial signals for tachometer pulses, another auxiliary analog channel for IRIG-B time-code pulses, a voice channel for verbal animations, and a subcode channel for recording set-up, time/data, and other information. Additionally, the system offers up to four channels of discrete data, bit-stream data, and GPS timing signals. A large-capacity buffer memory provides pretrigger capability.

The AIT can hold up to 25 Gbytes of storage. The SIR-1000W itself measures 13.5 by 4.5 by 10.2 in. and weighs just 17 lbs. An SVB-10 digital video interface card is available to allow simultaneous recording and reproduction of analog measurement data and video images. This creates a new dimension that lets users view the the measured object.

Available from stock, the SIR-1000W costs $35,000.

Sony Precision Technology America Inc., 20381 Hermana Circle, Lake Forest, CA 92630; (949) 770-8400; Internet: www.sonypt.com.

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