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Extension Adds 40' Of Test Lead

Designed for use with industry-standard multimeters and other test instruments with 4-mm banana sockets, the Cable Reel Extension can extend test-lead distances up to 40'. The test lead is mounted on a 4" x 4" cable reel with a handle that can be used to rewind the lead after testing is complete. Test leads are terminated with a right angle banana plug and banana socket. The right angle plug connects to the test instrument and the socket plugs into its test lead. The extended test lead employs over 250 fine strands of flexible, double-insulated Silicone wire, said to resist chemical contamination and temperature damage. For added safety, the inner layer of insulation is in a contrasting color and acts as a wear indicator. For price, call SILVERTRONIC LTD., Newport Beach, CA. (714) 966-0345.


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