Electronic Design

Multi-GNSS Simulator Provides Dual-Frequency Operation

Spectra-servlet-AThe GSG-62 from Spectracom is an L1+L2 dual-frequency, 32-channel, multi-GNSS constellation simulator with expansion capability for more frequency bands and channels. Designed to simulate current and future satellite navigation signals and frequencies, the GSG-62 offers expanded capabilities for those who are testing more than GPS L1, supporting upgrades to L2C, L5 and future GNSS frequencies and systems. The simulator is qualified for manufacturing and development test with its ability to simulate all the visible satellites for the receiver under test. With 16 channels for L1 frequency and 16 channels for L2, channels can be assigned to GPS or GLONASS, P-code or C/A code. Channels may also be used for SBAS simulation of EGNOS, WAAS, GAGAN, or MSAS satellites, or for multipath and interference signals. The GSG-62 incorporates all features of the company's previous models, including compatibility with GSG StudioView PC software.


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