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Synthesizer Switches At 30-Microsecond Speeds

In a small ruggedized package, the series DFSSB synthesizer offers switching speeds of 30 microseconds. Its package measures just 4.00 x 3.75 x 1.20 in. These features make this synthesizer ideal for a host of applications including SATCOM, wireless communication, and military. To satisfy the requirements of the SATCOM dual-conversion architecture, the DFSSB unit includes fixed L-band and synthesized RF outputs. It also flaunts unique options, such as a high-stability integrated OCXO and a dual-output configuration to support various transceiver functions.

This synthesizer line has been field tested for operations over a wide temperature range. It also has undergone testing for shock and vibration. It successfully meets the requirements of IESS 308, Eutelsat, and MIL-STD188-146. In addition, its small size, low-profile construction, and low phase noise (3 to 6 dB better than IESS specifications) make the DFSSB series viable for fixed AirborneMobile SATCOM, VSAT, and radar applications.

Some of the line's specific characteristics include a frequency range of 1 to 15 GHz (in bands), an output power range of 12 to 15 dBm, and a −70-dBc spurious output. It boasts −30 harmonics and a frequency stability of ±3 PPM (−35°C to 70°C). In addition, the DFSSB series flaunts serial and parallel frequency control and +15 V/250 mA, 5.25 V/750 mA DC power. Automatic switching takes place via an internal-reference OCXO or external-reference source.

Another synthesizer line from Elcom features an ultra-fast, ultra-low-phase-noise, high-performance broadband design. It is specifically targeted for use in ATE applications. The UFS Series is based on direct-analog design techniques combined with DDS capability for fine frequency resolution. It is ideal for Agile Radar, EW, and RCS systems, in which low phase noise and fast switching speeds are of primary importance.

A modular design approach was utilized in this synthesizer line. This approach allows for several possible frequency ranges and step sizes. In addition, several package options are available, including VXI. The UFS series can be customized to meet special applications, such as EW Threat and Target Simulators, Radar Cross Section Instrumentation, Fire Control & Search Radar Upgrades, Semiconductor Test, and ATE Speed-Up. The UFS Series includes the UFS-3, UFS-15, UFS-20, and UFS-40 products. They operate in the 0.01-to-3-GHz; 9-to-15-GHz; 0.01-to-20-GHz; and 0.01-to-40-GHz frequency ranges, respectively. The line flaunts an internal OCXO reference that is automatically phase-locked to an external reference (5 or 10 MHz). Its frequency accuracy is the same as the external reference or 1 ppm for the internal OCXO. Remote programming is possible via a SCIPI or Parallel BCD. The line has an operating temperature of 0 to 50°C.

The DFSSB and UFS series are now available. The DFSSB series can be customized to meet specific requirements. Both can be manufactured in Elcom's manufacturing facility.

Elcom Technologies, Inc.
11 Volvo Dr., Rockleigh, NJ 07647; (201) 767-8030, FAX: (201) 767-6266, www.elcom-tech.com.

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