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Analysis and Verification Tool Aids Visual Inspection

Analysis and Verification Tool Aids Visual Inspection

In an effort to shrink the time-consuming process involved with the visual inspection and debugging of electronic schematics, Altium and Valydate joined forces to create a new solution: ValydateVERA, a design analysis and verification tool, will now be integrated seamlessly with Altium Designer. The technology further streamlines the design process and saves designers time from having to visually inspect schematics for errors.

Designers will now be able to automatically inspect schematics against a pre-defined checklist, leveraged against an intelligent component library that automatically checks for thousands of error violations. This will help designers better handle the ever-growing complexity infiltrating electronics and the subsequent rules and verifications that must be checked. The technology will be demonstrated at DesignCon 2015 at Altium’s booth (#1034).



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