Ecosystems: A Critical Component to Successful Development of IoT Applications

Date & Time

  • Tue, April 11, 2:00pm EDT
  • 02:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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  • Live Webinar


IoT applications require some development expertise that is significantly different from those required in a traditional embedded application. For example, the UI will typical reside on a mobile device rather than on the device itself. Most obviously, the device will need to connect to an IoT platform, which in turn will collect and analyze data. In addition, the IoT is encouraging many companies with no previous embedded development background to investigate embedded sensor-based solutions. As a result, embedded system integrators and product design houses are also an important component an IoT.

In this session, we will look at various IoT application developments flows and examine the underlying ecosystem required to support them, as well as understand the diversity of choice of IoT platforms and mobile SDKs that are required to support a broad range of IoT applications.


Nick Lethaby
Texas Instruments

Nick Lethaby works in TI's Connected MCU Organization where his recent focus has been on IoT applications and sensor-to-cloud ecosystem solutions. He has over 25 years of experience in embedded systems software, including Linux and real-time operating systems, for microcontrollers, microprocessors, and DSPs. He has a BS in Computer Science at the University of London.

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