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Fully Integrated Bluetooth And WiFi Chipset Delivers Simultaneous Operation

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TrueRadio is claimed as the industry's first integrated, two-chip solution delivering simultaneous operation of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11b) technologies. The system comprises all functional blocks needed to design a complete wireless subsystem for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, including analog and digital ICs, firmware, host software, antenna support, and cost-optimized reference designs for miniPCI and Cardbus(PCMCIA). The MN22100 analog chip provides the RF front ends for both the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios. In addition, it provides the analog section of the chipset's Sim-Op (simultaneous operation) engine that manages interference between the two radio standards in Bi-CMOS technology. The MN12100 digital chip provides baseband processing for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and contains the modems for both, in addition to the digital portion of the Sim-Op engine in CMOS technology. These chips form the foundation of the company's reference design, which it says reduces the external component count by one-third compared to leading Wi-Fi only designs, and by over one-half compared to the sum of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth components.The architecture allows for integration of costly elements such as VCOs and SAW filters. TrueRadio is a standards-compliant solution that automatically supports stand-alone or simultaneous operation in co-located configurations of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies. Samples of TrueRadio will be available this fall. For more information, contact Mark Mastalir at MOBILIAN CORP., Portland, OR. (503) 681-8600 x235.

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