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Eight-Channel Demo Kit Evaluates Ultrasound Applications

An easy-to-use high-performance ultrasound signal-chain demonstration kit allows designers to quickly evaluate Texas Instruments’ analog receive chain solution for ultrasound equipment. Designers can simply apply their real-world input circuitry, such an ultrasound probe, to the TUS5000 evaluation module (EVM). The kit provides a complete eight-channel analog receive signal chain to process signals from the output of the probe through a high-performance variable-gain amplifier and analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The TUS5000EVM also allows users to analyze the outputs through their digital beam former for more complete prototyping.

The EVM interfaces four two-channel VCA2615 variable-gain amplifiers with the eight-channel ADS5272 serialized LVDS-output ADC. A high-performance clock synthesizer and jitter cleaner, the CDCM7005, provides a 65-MHz clock to the ADS5272 with a bypass option available. A deserializer, such as the TI ADSDESER-50EVM, is needed to convert the serial LVDS outputs of the ADS5272 to parallel data for a complete evaluation. The ADS5272 and VCA2615 offer a noise performance of 71.1 dBFS signal-to-noise ratio and 0.7 nV/rtHz, respectively. With a combined power per channel of 277 mW, the amplifier and ADC are well-suited for portable midrange and high-performance ultrasound applications.


The TUS5000EVM and ADSDESER-50EVM are available now.


The TUS5000EVM costs $299, including the EVM and user’s guide. The ADSDESER-50EVM costs $399, including the EVM, datasheet, and user’s guide.


Visit www.ti.com/sc06141

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