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High-Performance 14-Bit DAC Zips Along At 1.2 Gsamples/s

The AD9736 14-bit, 0.18-µm CMOS current-output digital-to-analog converter (DAC) breaks the 1-Gsample/s barrier with a 1.2-Gsample/s rate at a 316-MHz output. And, it does so without compromising performance and at a low power dissipation of 380 mW in the bypass mode.

A low-voltage differential-signaling (LVDS) input interface enables high conversion rates over a wide bandwidth and a 2× digital interpolation filter. This suits it for test and measurement, automatic-test-equipment (ATE), military, and communications applications.

Made by Analog Devices, the AD9736 initiates data conversions on the rising edge of each input clock and supports a double-data-rate (DDR) mode. Key specifications include a spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) of 63 dBc, intermodulation distortion (IMD) of −74 dBc, and noise-spectral density (NSD) of −158 dBm/Hz.

Based on an earlier test chip core, the AD9736 still dissipates low power of 550 mW at the maximum sampling rate when the internal interpolation filter is enabled. The filter accommodates existing FPGA/ASIC technologies.

Other features include a novel clock-to-data synchronization scheme that simplifies interface timing and increases the sampling rate, an on-chip 1.2-V reference, a serial peripheral interface, and adjustable analog outputs from 10 to 30 mA. Differential and integral nonlinearities are ±1.0 and ±2.0 LSB, respectively.

Two versions are available: the AD9736-1200 (1.2 Gsamples/s) and the AD9736-800 (800 Msamples/s) in a 160-pin BGA package. They cost $59.50 and $44.95 each, respectively, in 1000-unit lots. Samples are available now.

Analog Devices Inc.
(800) 262-5643

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