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PDM Class D Audio Amp Serves Portable Applications

Claimed as the industry’s first pulse-density modulation (PDM), digital-input Class D audio amplifier for handset and other portable applications, the SSM2517 combines an audio DAC, power amplifier, and a PDM digital interface. The PDM interface on the SSM2517 is the same digital interface supported by digital microphones in many handset and laptop applications. Because audio is transmitted digitally to the SSM2517, the effect of GSM interference or other sources of electrically coupled noise are minimized. The small package and filterless design means that the SSM2517 requires very little board space, enabling compact designs in portable products. The integrated DAC and sigma-delta modulator architecture minimizes system design challenges by mitigating electromagnetic interference. The closed-loop modulator design enables very good rejection of power supply ripple and excellent audio performance. The SSM2517 is 90% power efficient, making it suitable for power-sensitive applications. The SSM2517 is available now for $0.63 each in lots of 1000. It comes in a 1.5-mm x 1.5-mm, nine-ball WLCSP. ANALOG DEVICES INC., Norwood, MA. (781) 329-4700.


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