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Mindready Solutions, the telecommunications subsidiary of Informission Group Inc., has acquired Beltron Technologies Inc. The two companies will use their joint resources to meet the growing need for telecommunications manufacturing and services. Mindready will provide network-centric manufacturers and producers of high-speed communications products with real-time, embedded solutions, requiring little to no human intervention.

3Dlabs Inc. has acquired Intense3D Operations. While this move will enable 3Dlabs to increase its market share in the Windows NT-based graphics business, it also will let the company develop high-end 3D workstation graphics accelerator solutions.

Under a stock purchase deal, Ericsson Microelectronics has obtained access to Merrimac Industries' Multi-Mix design for building multilayer, microwave ICs. Ericsson intends to build Bluetooth RF transceivers using the Multi-Mix technology.

A comprehensive licensing agreement between Motorola's Semiconductor Products Sector and Yamaha Corp. will make Motorola's M·Core microprocessor architecture available for use in any and all of Yamaha's products. The license includes Motorola's intellectual-property reuse specifications developed for system-on-a-chip (SoC) designs. Yamaha will use the technology to develop SoCs for musical instruments, game consoles, and multimedia terminals. The license grants Yamaha the right to design and manufacture products based on the fully synthesizable M·Core M210S microprocessor and to distribute them worldwide.

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