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ON Semiconductor is acquiring Cherry Semiconductor Corp. in a $250 million cash deal. The transaction is expected to close in the second quarter of 2000, subject to regulatory approval. With this move, ON hopes to play a defining role in the power-management analog section of the electronics industry. Customers can expect to benefit from this through increased access to design-in support, improved supply capability, and advanced power-management solutions.

Monterey Design Systems has partnered with Hewlett-Packard Co. to provide an e-services solution for the EDA industry. Its central component, eDolphin, is the web-based version of Monterey's Dolphin One Pass physical design solution. This tool will provide potential customers with on-demand, remote access to both software and hardware through secure, high-bandwidth Internet and intranet connections to worldwide data centers. The result will be global design on a full-time basis.

InFocus and Proxima, which offer data/video projector-based products, are merging. The combined firm will keep the InFocus moniker and continue to market multimedia solutions under all three of its popular brand names—InFocus, PROXIMA, and ASK. The resources and technical expertise brought to the merger, coupled with access to development and manufacturing centers in the U.S. and Norway, will let InFocus accelerate the development and commercialization of projection-system technologies and applications.

Stellar One Corp., an interactive television platform company, has signed a $10 million private placement deal with the digital infrastructure division of New World Infrastructure Ltd. By doing so, Stellar One hopes to gain a foothold in greater China, which is expected to become the world's largest telecom equipment market. Specifically, Stellar One will work with Fujitsu Siemens Computers to develop the next version of ConnectTV for this market.

Apex Inc., a provider of server console management and switching technology, is merging with Cybex Computer Products Corp., which makes network hardware for managing servers and data centers. The $2 billion deal will allow the new company to design, manufacture, and market progressive solutions for network management. These include KVM switching console systems, KVM extension products, digital video solutions, and remote access management tools. The new company's name will be released at a later date.

SSTL's 350-kg minisatellite platform was recently chosen for NASA's RAPID II catalogue. After that, the Surrey Space Centre awarded the company a $120,000, 100-day study contract. The Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) Mission Study will investigate the range of suitable concepts for a five-spacecraft mission to study the Earth's magnetosphere. The MMS mission will be launched in 2005.

To extend its reach in the audio-systems market, Texas Instruments Inc. has acquired digital-audio amplifier solutions provider Toccata Technology ApS. Combining its DSP-based digital-speaker technology with digital-amplification techniques, TI intends to build all-digital audio solutions for PC speakers, A/V receivers, car stereos, and home theater systems.

GHz Technology and UltraRF have joined forces to develop LDMOS power transistors for RF applications. UltraRF will provide silicon LDMOS wafers, while GHz will optimize, characterize, and package the devices for use in avionics, broadcast, and other nonwireless applications.

W.L. Gore and Associates will provide Eastern Communications Co., a Chinese wireless phone manufacturer, with surface-mount EMI gaskets. The GORE-SHIELD SMT EMI gaskets will be included in Eastcom's latest line of GSM handsets. Eastcom hopes to produce 10 million phones per year by 2003. The company believes this agreement will help it capture a share of the Chinese mobile-phone market, which currently totals 35 million users and is growing by 1.5 million per month.

AMVECO Magnetics, a vendor of toroidal power components, has acquired Talema Electronic, a supplier of toroidal transformers, inductors, and high-frequency magnetics. This merger should give designers a more complete source for power and RF types of toroidal inductors and transformers. The deal centralizes engineering and customer support in Houston while maintaining manufacturing operations in three existing plants.

Diversified manufacturing and technology company 3M is splitting its Electronic Products Division and forming the Interconnect Solutions Division. This spinoff will concentrate on designing, manufacturing, and marketing interconnect products for computer, telecom, and test equipment. Its products and services will encompass copper and fiber connectors, cables, and connectorized cable assemblies. Meanwhile, the remaining Electronic Product Division will focus on 3M's Microflex circuits.

Two manufacturers will combine their resources to streamline the production of conductive gaskets used for EMI shielding in telecom products. This alliance, between Chomerics (a division of Parker Hannifin Corp.), a supplier of conductive products for EMI shielding and EMC compatibility, and Nypro Inc., a precision injection molder, should create a more efficient supply chain. In turn, this will simplify ordering, accelerate delivery, and enhance gasket quality.

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