Electronic Design

Of Special Note...

Server blades and InfiniBand sound like a match made in heaven, but NitroII from Mellanox is down to earth. Though it's only a reference design, the NitroII system with its impressive power and flexibility can dramatically reduce time-to-market for server vendors. The system is significant because it's a production-level reference design that uses 4× InfiniBand links configured in a 320-Gbit/s architecture.

Logic Analyzers.
With the TMS805 RapidIO support package, the TLA family of logic analyzers can handle RapidIO rates up to 1 Gbyte/s. The package enhances the TLA700-series logic analyzer's probing, triggering, and analysis capabilities for the RapidIO protocol. The TMS805 costs $8500. Delivery time is four weeks ARO.

Sophisticated telecom product design requires a wide range of talents, and the Tau UML, Tau SDL, and Tau TTCN Suites address these needs. This trio is part of the Tau 4.4 release, which Telelogic's Doors multiplatform management tool typically ties together in an enterprise setting. Prices for the Tau UML Suite start at $2000; for the Tau SDL Suite, at $8000; and prices for the Tau TTCN Suite, at $5000.

The SP1011 chip is a HyperTransport-to-PCI Bridge that uses a pair of 8-bit HyperTransport links supporting a daisy chain of up to 31 HyperTransport devices. A fairness algorithm allocates bandwidth along the daisy chain to prevent starvation of bridge chips at the end of the chain. The SP1011 costs $75 in 10,000-unit lots.

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