M. Anthony Aiello

Technology Strategist, AdaCore

M. Anthony Aiello joined AdaCore in April 2018, where he leads the development of System-to-Software Integrity, leads the application of an argument-centric approach based on the overarching properties to qualification of a code generator for use in development of DO-178C Level A software, and leads US-based research activities.

Before joining AdaCore, Mr. Aiello was a Principal Scientist at Dependable Computing from 2010 to 2018 and President of Dependable Computing from 2017 to 2018. While at Dependable Computing, Mr. Aiello was the principal investigator of many research efforts related to the application of formal methods, systems engineering, and assurance-case development. Mr. Aiello was principal investigator on a USAF SBIR Phase I & Phase II effort that investigated formal methods and assurance cases for systems of systems, with particular emphasis on the role of architecture and compositional reasoning. Mr. Aiello was also principal investigator for Dependable Computing’s support of USAF RAST Task Orders 04 and 12, which investigated the application of SpeAR, SPARK, and assurance cases to the UCP and UxAS. Mr. Aiello led Dependable Computing’s involvement on ARFL’s Summer of Collaboration in 2017.

M. Anthony’s Recent activity