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Smart city and wireless communication network

Bluetooth Mesh and Myths

Bluetooth mesh is new, but it can help create a path toward simplifying system designs. Separate the fact from fiction.

Meshing with Bluetooth

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has released a standard for Bluetooth mesh. Find out what that means.

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How Bluetooth Mesh Impacts IoT Design

New networking enhancement lets Bluetooth continue its reign as the top wireless technology.

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Simplifying BLE Mesh Integration

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) mesh technology enables smart devices to maintain a cooperative wireless network that can be managed remotely, leading to the development of smart homes, building automation, and sensor networks.

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11 Myths About Bluetooth 5

The arrival of Bluetooth 5, met with great anticipation, has also triggered a number of misconceptions and outright falsehoods. This article sets about to debunk those myths.

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