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App Opens Vistas For Mobile Phone OEMs

Offering mobile phone manufacturers more options to innovate and diversify their products, the UIQ 3.3 application, based on Symbian OS v 9.3, allows users to produce different types of phones on the same software platform. It adds incremental enhancements including greater support for operator services and customization capabilities to support unique market segments. UIQ 3.3 includes the Opera Mobile 9 Web browser with fast page rendering and pan-and-zoom functionality and UIQ Dashboard, which features a dashboard that is accessible system wide by pushing the widget button. Other features include Opera Widgets for direct access to content and mobile services, a unified messaging platform for communication services, and Java JSR 248 MSA for creating a range of applications employing the mobile services architecture. The beta software-development kit for UIQ 3.3 on Symbian OS v 9.3 is available for download on the company's Web site. For further information, call UIQ Technology, Ronneby, Sweden. +46 457 464 700

UIQ Technologgy


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