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Dear Mr. Pease:
You write like some of my best teachers taught. Theory is fine, but experience passed on is crucial. I repair a lot of pc boards, most of which come from computers/electronic systems in machine shops. Some of this technology literally goes back to to the late 1960's and earlier. Some parts are difficult to find, so we sometimes substitute a newer, more-reliable component. We look for old data books and hang on to them to identify said old chips so we can test them. Imagine my surprise, therefore when I looked in the National Semiconductor 1982 Linear Databook. It officially describes your LH0033 and LH0063 as Fast and Damn Fast Buffer Amplifiers. 'Fess up, Bob. You wrote these, didn't you?
Arlington, Texas.

No, I didn't write those; they were done before I came to NSC in '76. About 1985, some born-again Christian wrote to Charlie Sporck and asked him why he couldn't delete the naughty word. He couldn't think of a good reason to argue.-RAP

All for now. / Comments invited!
RAP / Robert A. Pease / Engineer

Mail Stop D2597A
National Semiconductor
P.O. Box 58090
Santa Clara, CA 95052-8090

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