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> The LPS125, a 3- by 5- by 1.29-in. open-frame switcher from Astec Power, delivers 130 W with 30 CFM of airflow. It features active power-factor correction and a universal input. For more, visit www.astecpower.com.

> The Apollo 4 quarter-brick dc-dc converter from Cherokee International provides up to 50 A at 1.8 V. That current level is sustained without derating at ambients up to 50°C with 300 LFM of airflow. Efficiency is 89% at a 1.8-V output and 91% at 3.3 V. Go to www.cherokeepwr.com for details.

> The NDT series 3-W, dual-output isolated dc-dc converters from C&D Technologies stand just 0.28 in. (7 mm) off the board. Available with 24- or 48-V nominal inputs, the 1.27- by 0.58-in. DIL style converters generate 12- or 15-V output. For further details, go to www.cdpoweronline.com.

> A 1U high supply, the FE series of telecom power converters from Magnetek delivers 25 A of regulated 48-V output from a 24-V input. The units, which are hot-pluggable, can perform current sharing. For more information on the converter, visit www.magnetek.com.

> The SIP-style dc-dc converters in Tyco Electronics Power Systems' Onami series convert a 48-V nominal input to 5 or 12 V. Measuring 3.596 by 1.625 by 0.39 in., the converters deliver 25 A at 5 V with 88% efficiency, or 10 A at 12 V with 89% efficiency. For more information, visit www.power.tycoelectronics.com.

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