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GELcore LLC, a joint venture between General Electric Company and EMCORE Corp., will acquire LED signal manufacturer Ecolux Inc. Ecolux produces LED traffic-control signal modules. The acquisition supports GELcore's work as a supplier of LED systems while providing Ecolux with access to greater marketing and sales resources.

Power-supply vendor Artesyn Technologies has acquired Azcore Technologies, which produces high-efficiency dc-dc converters with a special emphasis on surface-mountable board-level components. These converters target distributed-power architectures (DPAs) in communication applications, including computing, mass storage, carrier and enterprise networking, and access and wireless infrastructures.

Lineo Inc., a developer of embedded Linux system software, is forming the Lineo Industrial Solutions Group. This organization will provide real-time solutions for the military and industrial control markets. The group has released a common API for two widely used real-time Linux distributions, RTLinux and RTAI.

SyChip, a creation of Lucent Technologies' New Ventures Group, will develop and supply chip-scale modules to Beijing's CEC Wireless R&D Ltd. Specifically, SyChip's RF passive component and chip-on-chip technologies will perform subsystem integration in CEC's wireless mobile phones.

The Hong Kong MTR Corp. has awarded a three-year, follow-on maintenance contract to Andrew Corp.'s Distributed Communications Systems Group. Andrew will be responsible for maintaining the commercial telecom networks throughout Hong Kong's major rail lines. These include 400 amplifiers, 700 power supplies, 500 fiber-optic transmitters/receivers, and over 200 miles of various cables.

ZMD America, a supplier of mixed-signal solutions, has acquired Reining International. Reining supplies mixed-signal solutions as well. This purchase gives ZMD access to technology for automation, control, and medical applications. Also, this move will help ZMD as it initiates venture partnerships with various advanced mixed-signal IC companies.

Tecnomatix Technologies and Agile Software Corp. are teaming up to provide web-based software solutions to the electronics assembly industry. Bills of process (BOPs) generated by Tecnomatix's eMPower software can be attached to Agile-generated BOPs. Together, these BOPs can be sent to the user's supply-chain partners.

Chip Supply Inc. and Supertex Inc. have signed an agreement to provide alternate packing solutions to customers who use Supertex flat-panel display (FPD) driver ICs. Supertex will refer customers with special interconnect approaches to Chip Supply, who will offer a number of packaging techniques for customized application needs. Also, Chip Supply will make use of Supertex's driver wafers and technical IP in its custom tape carrier and chip-scale packages.

Tality Corp., the former Electronic Design Services Group of Cadence Design Systems, has opened a design site near New Dehli, India. This site will focus on system-on-a-chip (SoC) design. Tality also hopes to tap into India's radpidly expanding pool of engineering talent.

Telelogic AB, a supplier of development and testing tools, has acquired QSS Inc., a provider of requirements management solutions. This move will let Telelogic expand into advanced business applications, such as e-business and e-commerce system development projects.

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