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KineticSystems Co. LLC, a supplier of high-performance data-acquisition products, has teamed with VXI Technology Inc., which provides high-density modular switches and instruments for functional test. This pairing has produced a worldwide distribution agreement that targets complete application solutions.

A memorandum of understanding between Atmel Corp. and CS2 nv/sa outlines the eventual joint development of a thin-film interconnect technology for multielement integration on a single substrate. This technology should give application developers a single substrate that supports multiple die and integrated passive components for performance up to 50 GHz.

With the current demand for forward error correction (FEC) technology, Advanced Hardware Architectures has expanded its operations and opened a design center in Southampton, England. This facility will produce FEC products based on the company's Turbo Product Code technology.

Broadband-communication semiconductor supplier Virata Corp. has partnered with Electronic Design service provider Tality Corp. to establish an authorized network of design centers to serve Virata's DSL equipment customers. This program aims to accelerate time-to-market, ensure product quality, and cut the costs of next-generation DSL equipment development.

To thwart laptop computer theft, Analog Devices Inc. and Caveo Technology will jointly develop security products featuring ADI's micromachined tilt-motion sensor and Caveo's proprietary motion algorithm. This system will establish a security perimeter for the laptop. Moving the laptop beyond the perimeter will set off the alarm, lock encrypted files, and disable the computer at the BIOS level, making it useless for unauthorized users. It's expected to debut early next year.

Micronas, a supplier of ICs to consumer and automotive markets, has licensed the ARM7TDMI RISC processor core from ARM Ltd. Implementing the core, Micronas plans to develop and manufacture next-generation automotive devices like dashboard controllers and multimedia products.

Corning Inc. will spend over $20 million to expand manufacturing capacity for its PurePath wavelength-management products. The expansion applies specifically to the PurePath Dynamic Spectral Equalizer and Wavelength Selective Switch products. These items exploit liquid-crystal technology to deliver high-channel-count bandwidth management while extending the reach of long-haul and metro dense wavelength-division multiplexing networks by improving signal quality.

MontaVista Software Inc., a manufacturer of hard real-time embedded Linux software, has licensed VisualAge Micro Edition Java technology from Object Technology International, an IBM subsidiary. The license includes the configurable J9 Virtual Machine. This technology will be incorporated into MontaVista's hard real-time Hard Hat Linux.

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