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Magma Design Automation Inc. and Moscape Inc. are merging. While terms of the agreement have not been disclosed, Magma will retain Moscape as an independent wholly owned subsidiary. Moscape's tools will continue to interface with all industry-leading IC implementation flows. With this deal, Magma will be able to deliver a complete design, analysis, and implementation solution for next-generation deep-submicron IC designs.

An alliance between the Austin Technology Incubator and the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory seeks to foster the growth of technology-based startup companies in the energy sector. Called the Clean Energy Incubator, the alliance should support technical development in a variety of applications. These include renewable power generation, distributed generation and storage, power quality, communications and controls, fuel cells, and energy conservation.

Corvis Corp. has signed a multiyear agreement with Qwest Communications International Inc. for OC-192 products. Corvis will supply its high-capacity, all-optical products for Qwest's next-generation all-optical network, a nationwide bandwidth-on-demand, end to-end network providing customers with leading-edge broadband applications. Qwest also will acquire Algety Telecom, which has developed solution-based, dense wave-division-multiplexing transmission systems.

Manufacturing Data Systems Inc. (MDSI), a provider of Internet-enabled CNC software and software motion-control technology, has allied with Industrial Vortex.com, an independent business-to-business marketplace for industrial automation products. Under the agreement, Industrial Vortex.com will offer MDSI's family of software products, which includes MDSI's OpenCNC software.

Anadigics Inc. and Agilent Technologies have joined forces to develop an IP virtual-sampling encoder design tool that revolutionizes the sample prototyping stage for RF communication-system design. The encoder will let Anadigics' customers verify their system designs early in the design process by using an exact electronic model of Anadigics' RF IC solutions. This reduces overall design-cycle time by as much as several months.

Zuken and EDAconnect.com are partnering to make products for designing pc boards available to designers via EDAstore. This web site distributes IC, pc-board, and systems-design products. The agreement will provide for the Internet download of the Cadstar and Route Editor product lines—Zuken's entry-level pc-board solutions. These products will be offered on a pay-as-you-go monthly subscription basis.

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