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A lamination process developed by Motorola's Energy Systems Group (ESG) will help PolyStor Corp. ramp up production of thin Li-polymer batteries. The lamination technology makes it possible to build Li-polymer cells through the same type of wound construction that PolyStor currently uses to manufacture its existing prismatic Li-ion cells. Unlike the standard Bellcore method, the Motorola process permits cells to be fabricated with commercially available separators. This should produce thinner separators in Li-polymer cells and higher yields in battery production.

According to their $37 million agreement, Telefonica Argentina is going to be seeing a lot more of Innowave Wireless Systems' WaveGain technology. Telefonica will deploy this point-to-multipoint fixed wireless access system to provide thousands of residential and business subscribers in North Argentina with broadband services. Operating between 3.4 and 3.7 GHz, WaveGain supports E1/FE1, high-speed voice-band data, ISDN-BRI/PRI, and packet switching for fast Internet and data services.

Conexant Systems Inc. has acquired Philsar Semiconductor Inc., a privately held developer of RF semiconductor solutions for personal wireless connectivity. These include emerging standards like Bluetooth and RF components for third-generation digital cellular handsets. Philsar will join Conexant's Wireless Communications Division. This unit already provides wireless components, RF subsystems, and complete semiconductor system solutions for digital cellular and cordless telephone handsets, as well as global positioning system (GPS) products.

Viewlogic Systems Inc. has acquired Summit Design Systems. The two companies have successfully merged into a new corporation, called Innoveda Inc. This company will market "innovative EDA" software and services to help engineers visualize, design, and build advanced electronic systems for telecommunications, transportation, computers, and consumer electronics.

SpinCircuit Inc., a business-to-business e-commerce company that links product development and manufacturing, has made its public debut. The result of strategic partnerships with Cadence Design Systems, Flextronics International, and Hewlett-Packard, SpinCircuit hopes to establish itself as an Internet gateway for bridging the gap between the design desktop and the electronics supply chain network. The gateway—www.spincircuit.com—provides instant access to data early in the design process. It also gives pc-board designers access to the electronics supply chain at all levels of hierarchy and at all points in the design flow.

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