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Electronic Design

Component Specifier: Displays/Indicators

TYPE/Model Features P & A Source
COLOR-LCD DRIVERS DA8912A, DA8913A Move images at 15 frames/s; drive color super-twisted-nematic displays with 132 columns by 132 rows (12A) or 96 columns by 96 rows (13A); support 4096- or 65,536-color resolutions; 278,784-bit low-power display RAM; 2.4-V operation; maximum 21-V LCD drive voltage; typically consume 0.5 mA (13A) or 0.9 mA (12A) $2.50 in volume; available now Dialog Semiconductor
(+49) 7021 805-0
TIMING CONTROLLER AND COLUMN DRIVER FPD80200 and FPD48084 Two-chip set supports company's PPDS (Point-to-Point Differential Signaling) digital interface for LCD TVs; timing controller (FPD-80200) can be programmed with an external EEPROM to enable rapid prototype and product development; column driver (FPD-48084) reduces number of reference voltages needed for the gamma curve from 18 to six; each operates from 2.5-V digital supply In 1000-unit lots, the FPD80200 is $10 and the FPD48084 is $5; available now National Semiconductor
(408) 721-5000
FOUR-DIGIT LED DISPLAY LDQ-N221xRx Four-digit display includes minus sign; characters are 0.220 in. high; package is 0.71 in. long; built with molded reflector; pc-board populated with 33 chips of your choice; standard and super-bright colors are available $3.125 each per 1000 units; six to eight weeks Lumex Inc.
(847) 359-2790
1/4 VGA DISPLAY LM60412 5.7-in. color super-twisted-nematic 1/4 VGA display; higher contrast ratio than previous models for better color definition and clarity; 100-ms response time; interface timing is 65% faster than previous models; 80° vertical and >100° horizontal viewing angle; brightness levels up to 200 cd/m2; provides 50,000 hours of use $115 per 1000 units; stock to 10 weeks Densitron Technologies
(562) 941-5000
LCD MONITORS MultiSync 35 Thin-frame LCD displays; 17- and 19-in. models; two-tone silver cabinet design; digital and analog connectivity and integrated sound bars for multimedia applications; 250-cd/m2 brightness; 1280-by-1024 recommended resolutions; 450:1 contrast ratios; 16-ms or less response times; collapsible base and VESA wall or arm mounts $499.99 and $699.99; available now NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display Of America
(800) 632-4662
CONCAVE LEDs T1-3/4 5-mm concave cylindrical discrete LEDs emit light that's as bright at its edges as it is at its center; sunlight-visible colors include green, cool white, blue, yellow, red, and orange; last over 100,000 hours $0.17 to $0.74 in 1000s; stock to four to six weeks LEDtronics
(800) 579-4875
GREEN LEDs eXtra Bright Provide up to 32,900 mcd of luminous intensity; incorporate a current distribution layer that requires a single wire bond for increased reliability; available in 5-mm round and elliptical package styles; 15°, 30°, 60° by 35°, and 110° by 50° viewing angles; 530-nm green color Start at $0.75 in 5000-unit lots; available from stock Marktech Optoelectronics
(800) 984-5337
SURFACE-MOUNTED LED SMPT series Available in RGB and bi-color styles; eliminates pc-board through-holes and secondary post-reflow operations; can be used as an individual full-color pixel in fixed or moving messages; can be extended from 2.5 in. to 328 ft via FLP (flexible light pipe) mono-fiber; encapsulated in 94V-O polycarbonate; has 0.218-in. diameter, 0.296-in. height $0.80 in production quantities; available now BivarOpto
(949) 951-8808
WEDGE-BASED LEDs 586 series Mount directly into industry-standard sockets; last up to 100,000 hours; draw 90% less power than incandescent lamps; available in 6, 12, 14, and 24 V dc; operate from ­30°C to 85°C; come in red, green, amber, blue, white, white/amber, and white/orange Starts at $4.69 each in 1000-unit lots; six weeks Dialight Corporation
(732) 751-5879
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