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Tough Portable Computer Tackles Extreme Environments
The DuraPAC KTX is a sealed and rugged portable computer that provides PLC programmers with add-in capability for the KTX board. It's designed for use in a number of harsh outdoor or industrial environments. Two expansion slots—a PCI or ISA slot and a PC/104 slot—are available. The computer also includes a 1784-KTX that performs data transmission, management, and local Data Highway Plus diagnostics.

The device's case is made out of corrosion-resistant aluminum that can shield the internal components from up to 30 g of shock. Weatherproofing is achieved through a series of O-ring seals and custom enclosures. A custom harness connects the KTX card to the Data Highway Plus interface connector. All exposed connectors and switches are completely sealed. Additionally, the computer's "Flak Jacket" has a force-absorbing component at its center and a coarse-weave abrasion-resistant outer layer.

Prices for the DuraPAC KTX start at $6995.

Dolch Computer Systems Inc., 3178 Laurelview Ct., Fremont, CA 94538; (800) 544-4722; www.dolch.com.

Riser Cards Support Expansion Boards In Low-Height Enclosures
The PCITX8-1 is a PCI 64-bit, short right-angle riser card. Available in right- and left-turn and in 3.3- and 5-VIO versions, it has an overall height of 1.28 in. The PCITX8-2 PCI 64-bit, tall right-angle riser card, meanwhile, also is available in right- and left-turn and 3.3- and 5.0-VIO versions. Its overall height is 2.08 in. Using these riser cards, 64-bit PCI expansion boards can be inserted parallel to the motherboard in low-height enclosures. A third product, the RAIDTX6-B short right-angle riser card, is only available in a left-turn version. 3.3- and 5-VIO models with an overall height of 0.96 in. are available.

The PCITX-1 and -2 card have a $29 list price. The RAIDTX6-B riser card lists at $35.

Adex Electronics Inc., 2 McLaren, Suite G, Irvine, CA 92618; (949) 597-1772; fax (949) 597-1729; www.adexelec.com.

Controllers Can Gluelessly Attach To USB Peripheral Systems
Also known as the CY7C646XX series, the EZ-USB FX family of 48-MHz USB controllers can gluelessly attach to practically any USB peripheral system. Users can configure the general programmable interface (GPIF) to be glueless to ASICs, DSPs, or standard interfaces. The internal slave FIFOs can be configured to 8- or 16-bit datapaths and allow master or slave operation.

The direct memory access (DMA) engine transfers data between the peripheral interface and the external buffer memory. Models in the family also can DMA packet data from an external buffer to the USB, maintaining maximum performance even when the peripheral subsystem is idle. These DMA capabilities give the EZ-USB FX family I/O burst data rates of 96 Mbytes/s.

Housed in a 52-pin QFP, 80-pin QFP, and 128-pin QFP, seven different models are available. They're priced from $6.88 to $8.13 in 1000-unit lots. Contact the company for higher-volume pricing.

Cypress Semiconductor Corp., 3901 N. First St., San Jose, CA 95134-1599; (408) 943-2600; www.cypress.com.

Debugger/Flash Programmer Targets Processor Family
According to its manufacturer, the ZAP MON08 Debugger is a complete yet portable debugging and flash programming environment for Motorola's 68HC08 family of processors. This 32-bit application is designed for Windows 95/98/NT. Its monitor mode permits real-time execution with enabled interrupts. Enhanced on-chip flash protection security protects valuable production code. The hardware breakpoint mode of execution can be used for real-time flash debugging, while the SWI mode can be employed when debugging code loaded into RAM.

This debugger is compatible with any serial connection to the Motorola-defined MON08 circuit. The code isn't modified or augmented for debugging. Instead, the ZAP MON08 uses the same optimized code that will be used in the final product. All of the debug symbols are kept in a separate section of the PC, and the debug symbols are never stored on the target. The ZAP MON08 saves layouts and sessions in addition to the configuration. Additionally, its Source Browser lets users search and view all of the source code in multiple windows.

Available immediately, pricing starts at $750.

Cosmic Software Inc., 400 W. Cummings Park STE 6000, Woburn, MA 01801; (781) 932-2556; fax (781) 932-2557; www.cosmic-software.com.

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